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Welcome to the Hot Stove League!

It’s been fairly quiet around the AaRr front since the LCS games a few weeks ago.  The World Series itself was pretty flat, as there weren’t any RoadRunners in the series, save for AaRr alumni Placido Polanco and Sean Casey (1990’s) on the Tigers.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be doing a 2006 season retrospective, focusing on the hits, misses, and other minutiae as the “winter” comes on strong – winter being relative here in the Valley of the Sun.

In the meantime, the staff here at Roadrunner central is constantly checking the offseason news, the scouting reports, the new CBA, and the latest free-agent signings, and of course, the rumor mill.  Appropriate non-sensitive data will be posted, lest we tip our hand regarding draft strategy.

Enjoy the offseason – 141 days to the draft! (or maybe 148, depending on the date).