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Opening Day Live Chat! With The Pi Train – Part 1

Welcome to the first full day of baseball for the 2008 season. My WBRL league-mate and owner of The Pi Train will be live-chatting during the course of today’s NL games, as we watch them unfold (mostly) online, with some slingbox and radio as well.

Other than the rain delays, the chat log is truly dizzying, covering Diamondbacks/Reds, Brewers/Cubs, and Nationals/Phillies, all at once.

10:58:13 AaRr: opening day! 10 minutes! I’ve got 2 starters going today (Webb and Myers)

10:59:16 The Pi Train: I’m already way ahead of where I was last year at this time, I only had a win vultured from me, not my best starter gone for the year (Chris Carpenter).

10:59:39 AaRr: true enough, and fewer runs allowed as well

11:15:51 The Pi Train: I am also offended (not) that guys with an indeterminate era and whip (0 IP) are considered higher than a 1.00 whip and 1.80 ERA.

11:16:27 The Pi Train: Fortunately, that issue goes away for the season as of today (probably)

11:20:18 AaRr: why is the DBacks game delayed? And why exactly is the team with the retractable roof and 84 degrees starting IN Cincinnati? and Milwaukee (also with a dome is starting IN Chicago)

11:22:12 The Pi Train: Rain Walsh: “They hope to have 1st pitch between 2:30 and 2:45 local time”

[35 minutes later]

11:57:11 The Pi Train: SSB in Cinci

11:57:20 AaRr: SSB?

11:57:28 The Pi Train: your term, from the blog – Star Spangled Banner

11:57:51 AaRr: ah, thanks- sorry I didn’t invent it – it’s a band term

12:02:03 AaRr: looks like they’re underway for brewers cubs as well. How did I fall into 3rd place already? Mark got an RBI.

12:06:03 AaRr: back in 2nd place – ok, live blogging the standings pitch-by-pitch is a losing proposition

12:06:41 The Pi Train: yeah, iffy with 1 game going on, impossible with more

12:07:15 AaRr: with zambrano allowing a hit, Mark’s WHIP was destroyed for that instant

12:07:54 The Pi Train: Naw, the system probably still saw it as incalculable, and therefore 0.00. Reds take the field

12:08:16 AaRr: “Prince 0-1, but Advances Runner” [more]

12:08:34 AaRr: tony gwynn stole 3rd!

12:09:07 The Pi Train: I still have no stats for today

12:09:09 AaRr: Brett Myers: 2-2 to Christian Guzman! Next Pitch: popped out!

12:09:59 The Pi Train: Strike 1 to Chris Young

12:10:35 AaRr: I’ve got Theriot up, and Myers pitching- 8 PC thus far –

12:11:00 The Pi Train: Let me know when Fukudome is up. Young – Backwards K

12:11:15 AaRr: Theriot 1-1 count, Myers (to Milledge: lineout). R. Theriot flied out to deep right. O. Hudson safe at first on third baseman E. Encarnacion’s throwing error. That’s Cubs game, Phillies game, Cubs game, Diamondbacks game. I have 3 tabs open, play-by-play for each current game, plus a 4th for CBS

12:12:57 The Pi Train: Nice play by Encarnacion to get it, then bad throw. Good job by O-Dog to avoid the tag. I have CBS live stats and SlingPlayer, watching on my DVR at home. I can pause it for my 1pm meeting

12:14:02 AaRr: oy, now Tom is in 2nd (I didn’t lose points – the strikeout from Harang) – 1 K affects the standings

12:14:24 The Pi Train: Harang looks pretty good, nasty slider. Where is Fukudome in the lineup?

12:17:11 AaRr: 5th. he’ll bat 2nd next inning – D.Lee K’d

12:17:22 The Pi Train: base hit, rbi for Co-Jack

12:17:34 AaRr: Yay, dbacks, Boo Hersh!

12:17:54 The Pi Train: 2-out RBI on the 1st opportunity of the season. Nice.

12:17:55 AaRr: Both victorino and hart are up now, in two different games. S. Victorino sacrificed to third, J. Rollins to third. Thanks a lot, Mr. Unselfish – doesn’t pay your salary! CBS Live scoring is lagging behind Yahoo feed. C. Hart flied out to deep center. I’ve lost 7 points so far today!

12:19:21 The Pi Train: I’m down 2.5 points. Inning over, 1-0 D-Backs. D. Sutton referred to Co-Jack as “…future hall-of-famer” – I think only partially tounge-in-cheek

12:20:38 AaRr: Tom went from 2nd to 5th already today. C’mon webby, 1-2-3. with 3 K’s. Nice – Phillies up on an Utley sac fly – Myers pitching with a lead. If Webb walks Corey Patterson, I’m sending him down. Phew. Why does Webb always seem rough on opening day? (Usually it’s against the Rockies).

12:23:00 The Pi Train: Sinkers, harder to get a feel for them in cold weather

12:23:15 AaRr: new blog post, btw, on the bad schedule

12:23:40 The Pi Train: be sure the mention the Big-10s influence in the suck NCAA baseball schedule

12:23:50 AaRr: Myers 2-1 count to Nick Johnson, Webb 1-2 count to Keppinger. With that K, I gain 3 points. Crap, Nick Johnson hit a double.

12:24:16 The Pi Train: filthy. Brandon threw Keppinger a change-up and made him look like a little-leaguer!

12:26:20 The Pi Train: Fukudome…let me know

12:26:34 AaRr: he’s up

12:26:44 The Pi Train: CBS says double. Steal third!

12:27:03 AaRr: yahoo has nothing – but I watched you jump from 40 points to 48 in a page refresh. K. Fukudome doubled to deep center – must have been first pitch. I’m back in 2nd place now. P. Lo Duca hit by pitch – argh – 1 out, 2 on for Brett Myers.

12:28:34 The Pi Train: Lo Duca <smirk>, cost me a win last night

12:29:18 AaRr: I’ve got $56 of starters out on the hill right now. Did you get willy harris again this year? Elijah dukes on the DL after last night, Willy is the starter in LF. Ooh – he’s a free agent – pick him up, pick him up! Full count to Willie Harris. And an Intentional Walk to pitch to Matt Chico with the bases loaded

12:31:42 The Pi Train: Geovany Soto walked

12:32:01 AaRr: 2-0 to Matt Chico! (having a heart attack)

12:32:12 The Pi Train: Who got Chico this year, is he active?

12:32:16 AaRr: 2-1 to Matt Chico. Let me check. Of course – Goodfellas – not active. Strikeout with bases loaded, thank goodness.

12:32:55 The Pi Train: why “of course”

12:33:19 AaRr: Drew is in Bowie Maryland, and typically defaults to Nationals players. Jesus Flores, Ryan Zimmerman, Christian Guzman, Elijah Dukes, Matt Chico – I guess that’s it.

12:34:42 AaRr: Of course, please refer to my post “I have No Nationals

12:35:40 The Pi Train: Both of my Cubs hitters were stranded. My Encarnacion is hitting against your Webb. Webby’s change-up looks great – Walked him

12:46:08 AaRr: I agree with you on the standings – I have a 1.69 ERA, but that’s “fifth” b/c 4 other teams have no pitchers going. Same with WHIP – so instead of 5 + 5 points, I should have 10 + 10

[Coming up – Part 2 of Opening Day Live Chat]

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