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Opening Day Live Chat! With The Pi Train – Part 2

Part 2 – picking up where The Pi Train and the Atomic Roadrunners left off. Currently viewing Brewers/Cubs, Nationals/Phillies, Diamondbacks/Reds, and now Rockies/Cardinals and Mets/Marlins. Yikes.

12:46:55 AaRr: Snapshot: I lead the league in K’s, ERA, WHIP. It’s not likely to continue over the course of the season.

12:47:09 The Pi Train: in addition, I proposed a new name for what that guy that filled-in for the “stiff” Cordero. Rauch. Yes, what Rauch did last night (blow the save/get the win). Those shouldn’t be called vulture wins, they should be called Cockroach wins. Rauch “cockroached” the win…

12:49:17 The Pi Train: Chris Young!!! Upper Deck Shot. He swung, put his head down, and ran around the bases. Thank you Matt Williams. Byrnes, back-to-back! Mark Grace: “Dusty Baker is going to have to go to the bullpen for the sore-arms out in left field throwing those balls back onto the field.”

12:55:07 AaRr: Ha! Hey, how did STAN jump into 2nd? Oh, Byrnes’ HR.

13:08:05 AaRr: rain delay – Cubs/Brewers at the end of 3 innings. Weather in Philly: “51 degrees, drizzle.”

13:27:52 AaRr: Interesting – all of the major stats and playXplay services have stalled – all of them have a 1-1 count to Brandon Phillips in the bottom of the 4th. Meanwhile, I turn on the TV and see that it’s later and the inning is over. All of them, CBS, Yahoo, ESPN, SI, etc.

[The Pi Train returns following a meeting]

14:03:02 AaRr: Pujols HOMER

14:03:14 The Pi Train: My 1st of the year, solo shot though

14:03:29 AaRr: get used to those in St. Louis

14:03:33 The Pi Train: I’m still in the middle of the 3rd in the D-Backs game though

14:03:43 AaRr: You still have it paused? Jeez. In STL, Wainwright has a 5-1 lead after one inning.

14:04:50 The Pi Train: Javier Valentin just legged a triple into a single. Mark Renolds with the web gem

14:05:02 AaRr: heh, he’s not active for me this week.

14:05:06 The Pi Train: …well, he did so a while ago in the bottom of the 3rd.

14:08:25 AaRr: ugh – my squad is 1-for-19 today. Drew leads with 2 HR, 5 RBI, and 7 Runs already. Mark has Sheets and Zambrano dueling in a 3-hitter (total – accumulated in 11 innings) – bottom of the 6th

14:08:55 The Pi Train: I’m 3-9…but Hanley is on-deck

14:10:28 AaRr: My season’s over – I’m in 7th now. Zito’s getting lit up. Your boy Mark Hendrickson holding his own – 0-0 in the 3rd. He was on my watch list this spring – I would have picked him in the minors but he was selected before I could get to him CARLOS RUIZ with a double – 2nd hit of the day – now I’m 2-for-22! Woo-Hoo!

14:14:17 The Pi Train: …but you got Pena to back-up Lyon… seems fair.

14:14:40 AaRr: ‘spose so – not my fault you filled your roster so quickly – Holy crap – TIM’S IN FIRST! Troy Tulowitzki with the first official steal of the year!

14:15:38 The Pi Train: Let me guess, Rauch was his only pitcher that has thrown yet…

14:15:49 AaRr: yes, – he’s first in wins and steals – 20 points! – as only 1 game has been completed thus far

14:16:12 The Pi Train: I’m back up to 4th

14:16:25 AaRr: I’m tied for 6th now. Sensing a comeback. Where are you in the Dbacks game?

14:17:00 The Pi Train: bottom 4

14:17:23 AaRr: right now they’re in the top of the 8th – you’re behind

14:17:27 The Pi Train: Webb just walked Jr. My hitter Pagan is up with 2 on against my pitcher Hendrickson

14:17:58 AaRr: ah, you’ve just entered where the game froze up in the stats services, I think. What’s the score?

14:18:23 The Pi Train: 3-0. Oof – Young just blew-it. let a ball get by him and go to the wall, Griffey scored from first.

14:18:47 AaRr: Brandon Phillips? gotcha – yep, this is the spot where there was a big stats blackout for 20 minutes. they scored that a triple

14:19:26 The Pi Train: generous – he never did touch it and the ball did kind of skip on the (wet?) grass. Dunn just drove in Phillips, 3-2. Pagan doubled in a run, I move into 3rd Place. I’m now 4-10 today.

14:20:54 AaRr: Phillies tie it up at 6. Drew just tied Tim in the standings for 1st. Corey Hart at bat – I’m still 2-for-23 thus far. Weird – pitching change – Zambrano out, Marmol comes in (while there’s a 2-2 count on Hart). Big Z may have been hurt picking off Bill Hall on second. (guessing by the box score). Braun popped out, Hall doubled. 2-2 count to Hart, Hall picked off at second, pitching change? He was cruising.

14:24:08 The Pi Train: interesting. that could be large. could be a hard pitch-count, but I think your suggestion is more probable…

14:29:12 AaRr: Reyes with an RBI. Pagan with an RBI.

14:29:24 The Pi Train: Corey Patterson, nice catch in center on O-Dog. Fukudome singles, squad now 5-11. Yep, Pagan’s was about a 1 1/2 pages ago in this conversation!

14:30:43 AaRr: hey, Pi Train in 3rd place! Drew got a 3rd HR (Rollins, chris Young) – oh, that was a while ago. Hey, I’m up to 4-for-27 today! Andruw Jones also with a hit. Uh oh for Hendrickson – bases loaded and David Wright up.

14:33:35 The Pi Train: So Jones now has almost half as many hits as he had all last year?

14:34:18 AaRr: well last year 26 of his hits were homers, even though he hit .222. D. Wright doubled to deep center, R. Church, L. Castillo and J. Reyes scored.

14:35:28 The Pi Train: Ohhh, Castillo got a steal!

14:35:59 AaRr: Soto’s up, and Fukudome got another hit, and a walk today also, I see.

14:36:43 The Pi Train: Yep, Soto is about to drive him in!

14:37:01 AaRr: Dbacks game is in the top of the 9th. I’m back up to 5th place. I’m slated to get 12 starts from my pitchers in the next week. 8 starters, 4 with 2 starts this week.

14:37:41 The Pi Train: I’m in the top of the 6th. Numbers 1-3 starters…thats probably good. Although 2 of my #1 starters were purchased in the minors…

14:40:30 AaRr: According to Rotoworld, Zambrano left during the seventh inning of his start against the Brewers with an apparent injury to one of the fingers on his pitching hand. After picking off Bill Hall at second base, Zambrano was clutching his pitching hand before being immediately replaced by Carlos Marmol. He pitched 6.2 shutout innings, limiting the Brewers to just three hits while striking out five and walking one on Monday.

14:42:04 The Pi Train: My squad already has 8 BBs (hitting)

14:42:43 AaRr: i don’t have any – only basestealers are allowed to walk! Oy! Can I tell you what’s going on in the dbacks game or not? [Brandon Lyon goes to a 3-0 count versus Adam Dunn. Gets him out. Then strikes out Encarnacion and Hatteberg. Impressive.]

14:46:42 AaRr: YES! and YES! Add up the points! Passed you! I’m back in 3rd. UGH: X-Men’s pitching line today (Tom Gordon: 20 PC, 1/3 inning, 4 hits, 5 ER, 135.000 ERA, 15.000 WHIP. Nice.

14:55:16 The Pi Train: sorry, got called-away for actual work there for a minute. Still in the bottom of the 6th in the D-Backs game. No updates there please.

14:56:35 AaRr: Ok. I have a meeting in a few minutes, so I’ll be offline for a bit

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