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Opening Day Live Chat! With The Pi Train – Part 3

Completing the Diamondbacks/Reds, Brewers/Cubs, Mets/Marlins, Nationals/Phillies, Rockies/Cardinals, and the start of the Pirates/Braves.

14:56:38 The Pi Train: Webby made Jr. look bad on a 3-pitch K.

14:58:49 AaRr: Unless the Giants have a miraculous comeback and Brian Wilson closes it out, my pitchers are done for the day. Colorado/St. Louis rain delay. After 3 innings, hope it doesn’t last too long for Wainwright to qualify for the win. Drew got his 4th homer – Willingham. kerry wood, blowing the game – HBP, IBB, single 1-0 Milwaukee, top of the 9th

15:09:01 The Pi Train: Bring on the Goon!

15:09:11 AaRr: goon?

15:09:15 The Pi Train: Eric Gagne

15:09:20 AaRr: ah

15:09:44 The Pi Train: no, its “eh”, he’s Canadian.

15:09:53 AaRr: well, corey hart is up now, and he’ll hit a 3-run homer, so it won’t be a save situation!

15:10:07 The Pi Train: good luck with that

15:12:04 AaRr: close: Hart doubled to right, Fielder and Braun scored, Hart to third.

15:14:43 The Pi Train: Inbound Goon – in the save situation.

15:14:57 AaRr: try not to blow it

15:15:09 The Pi Train: from your mouth…

15:15:18 AaRr: this would mean that Guillermo Mota would get the win, I believe

15:15:37 The Pi Train: Is he yours?

15:15:47 AaRr: nope, I don’t think anyone has him. Back in a moment.

15:22:56 The Pi Train: My guy Fukudome hit a 3-run HR off my guy Gagne to tie the game. Now I need Gagne to “Cockroach” the win. Gagne finally got out of the inning, still Cockroach eligible…

15:33:05 AaRr: The catcher for Florida – Treanor has 2 CS – Reyes and Wright. Wow, Tom has fallen to 9th. He had moved up to 2nd earlier today. I kinda like “cockroach” – vulture is a guy who is the pitcher of record when a team takes the lead, through his own dumb luck.

15:41:23 The Pi Train: right – vulture is result of dumb luck, Cockroach is result of incompetence that happens to work in his favor. Mil leads 4-3. D-backs just won on my machine, I saw your win and your save. Cockroach win…I guess that makes me even for yesterday.

15:59:30 AaRr: Yeah, I was sweating when Brandon Lyon had 3 balls to Dunn. Hmm, I’m now tied for 2nd. Update: COL/STL postponed – no Wainwright win for you – sucks. Now my team is 7-for-36 – hot streak! Nice – I still have the only save. Atlanta / Pittsburgh about to start.

16:04:10 The Pi Train: Watching LA vs SF. Is Atlanta game on TBS?

16:04:25 AaRr: checking – no, looks like only FSN PIttsburgh – glavine vs. snell

16:06:54 The Pi Train: Angels / Twins is the next ESPN game. Houston / SD isn’t for a few hours yet on ESPN2.

16:39:25 AaRr: Oh, btw, Alex Cintron signed a minor league deal with Baltimore. he had been cut by the Cubs – just an FYI on a dback alum.

16:40:13 The Pi Train: I always liked him, dissapointed that he never really did anything

17:01:06 AaRr: STL/COL update: The game will be made up in its entirety on Tuesday night. The rain will cancel out a homer from Albert Pujols and a two-run double from Rick Ankiel. Wainwright allowed one run in three innings. He should be available to start on Friday if the Cards want to go in that direction. Tom got lucky: Jeff Francis was fortunate to have his start rained out Monday after heallowed five runs and walked five in 2 1/3 innings aganst the Cards.

17:01:47 The Pi Train: I forgot that I’d lose half of my HRs in that deal. Where are the Cards on Friday?

17:03:24 AaRr: hosting the Nationals

17:03:45 The Pi Train: that works – vs. Perez?

17:04:14 AaRr: Right now they have Lohse scheduled, so you “win” either way. I don’t know man, the Nats are 2-0, and have defeated the Braves and Phillies consecutively – they’re in first place.

17:04:54 The Pi Train: Yep, I already have pitchers going head-to-head…great. BTW: I just realized, my top pitcher for 2 years ago had a meltdown also…not quite the same as Carpenter last year, but Oliver Perez (now of the Mets was my top guy that year wasn’t he… )

17:06:20 AaRr: give me a sec, I’ll check – you might have to define “top”

17:06:38 The Pi Train: perhaps, most expensive

17:08:52 AaRr: 2006 Pi Train Draft: Bill Mueller $10 – retired, Randy Winn $26, John Thomson $12, Eric Gagne $30, Oliver Perez $18

17:11:23 The Pi Train: Escobar – 2 RBI triple for the Braves, RBI ground-out for Larry. your-guy. The Braves announcers think something is wrong with Kelly Johnson’s leg. He was just pulled from the game.

17:17:52 AaRr: earlier today I read that he said that his knee has been bad since 2007 spring training.- good thing they picked up Ruben Gotay, even if Prado is in. wow, looking at the 2006 draft, I didn’t realize that Reyes for $38 was my DH spot (that would have been in the first round.) Must-draft-at-any-cost indeed.

17:07:35 AaRr: Oh, here’s the funny line I read on the Giants – BP 2008 Giants preview: “the Giants are hideous, a mix of players too old to play and players who are never going to get the chance to be too old to play. There‚Äôs also Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, who will combine for 400 innings, 425 strikeouts, a 3.62 ERA . . . and 9 wins.”

17:08:10 The Pi Train: ouch

17:25:56 AaRr: wow, my AaRr blog has 30 posts this month. and I started on Friday. I wasn’t happy with the auto-formatted email from CBS, so I’m looking for a different option.

17:27:14 The Pi Train: McCann just went yard. Solo. McCann has now hit 3 HR in 11 ABs off Snell. pwned

17:28:20 AaRr: first I’ve ever seen you use that term

17:29:01 AaRr: Tom has moved back from 9th place to 5th now. Re: Hendrickson: With Jeremy Hermida and Alejandro De Aza out, the defense the Marlins ran out today may be the very worst we’ve seen a team field on Opening Day. (this is from rotoworld) Ignoring the catcher, Matt Treanor, all seven guys behind Hendrickson qualified as below average and everyone except Cody Ross and Mike Jacobs would rank among the five worst at his position in baseball. Ross is a pretty good corner outfielder, but he’s stretched in center. There’s just no way a pitcher should be expected to experience consistent success with such a poor group supporting him.

17:30:40 The Pi Train: News – Braves signed Scott Spezio to a minor-league deal. What did he do in the off-season?

17:31:03 AaRr: Spiezio: I belive he had six felony counts for drunk driving, evasion, resisting, etc. Oh, here it is – from rotoworld, when the cardinals released him: They should know by now that only the manager is allowed to drive drunk in St. Louis. Ouch. From late February: An arrest warrant has been issued by the Irvine Police Department for Scott Spiezio on six charges stemming from a Dec. 30 incident. The warrant alleges driving under influence, driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or more, hit and run, aggravated assault, assault and battery. Spiezio was on the restricted list for a time last season because of substance abuse problems.

17:35:14 AaRr: I think I’m done for the day. After this braves/pirates game, I have no Astros, and my only Padre is in AAA.

[end of the experiment]

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