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2009 WBRL Draft Diary

I’ve compiled a Draft Diary of the 2009 WBRL Auction, held in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  Here are the six installments:

Previously: Protected Roster Construction

The No Doubters, The Almost Automatics, The Probables, The Fringe, The Not-So-Muches, and the Final Protected List

Part 1: Strategy

Step One: Identify Needs, Step Two: Create Budget, Step Three: Identify Targets

Part 2: The First Round

How to destroy your carefully-created budget and strategy in ten minutes or less.

Part 3: Slowly Sinking

Pardon me, I got in a bidding war for whom?

Part 4: Long Way Down

Sometimes the best move is not to play.

Part 5: For a Fistful of Dollar Players

How an auction morphs into a draft