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Meet the New Guys – 2010 Auction Edition

Troy Tulowitzki – Shortstop
Tag: Troy Tulowitzki
Round: 1st
Overall: 1st
Nominated by: Tim Nygard – Misogynistic Padres
Salary: $31
Notes: Bold move to start the draft, but at least followed strategy. Ranked as the Number one available Shortstop. Was targeting either him or Jimmy Rollins. Rollins later went for $30, but only as a result of a $5 skip-bid by Stanimals. Love the power, may be lacking in steals.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Rockies .290 95 26 90 14


Brandon Phillips – Second Base
Tag: Brandon Phillips
Round: 1st
Overall: 7th
Nominated by: Andrew Flynn – Atomic RoadRunners
Salary: $32
Notes: Went over budget by $6 – estimated $26. Best available 2B, by far. Next best was Rickie Weeks ($14). Consistent, re-joins the team for fourth consecutive season. At this price, hoping for improvement, towards 25/25. We’ll see.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Reds .275 84 22 87 24


Matt Holliday – Outfield
Tag: Matt Holliday
Round: 1st
Overall: 10th
Nominated by: Andrew Capece – Goodfellas
Salary: $35
Notes: Second-best OF available (behind Ryan Braun). Was originally targeting $28 Carlos Lee here, as we’ll need power, but didn’t mind expected production from Holliday. Lighter on homers, but better on steals. Third-best OF available Justin Upton went second overall to X-Men for $35, and 4th-best Jason Bay went for $29.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Cardinals .310 100 26 108 15


Adam LaRoche – Corner Infielder
Tag: Adam LaRoche
Round: 3rd
Overall: 25th
Nominated by: Barry Stahl – The Pi Train
Salary: $19
Notes: Last remaining good first basemen, I had ranked third overall, behind Joey Votto and Lance Berkman, ahead of James Loney. Intrigued by his power potential in Arizona, and needed a 1B with two 3B’s already on the squad.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Diamondbacks .275 74 24 86 1


Hunter Pence – Outfield
Tag: Hunter Pence
Round: 3rd
Overall: 27th
Nominated by: Andrew Flynn – Atomic Roadrunners
Salary: $26
Notes: I had Pence as the sixth-best available OF (behind Braun, Holliday, Upton, Bay, and Lee) and ahead of Michael Bourn, Shane Victornio, and Manny Ramirez. Really like his upside, and had targeted him for $27, so there’s a $1 savings there.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Astros .284 79 26 84 13


Marlon Byrd – Utility Slot
Tag: Marlon Byrd
Round: 8th
Overall: 74th
Nominated by: Tom Ross – Get Off Kong!
Salary: $9
Notes: Byrd was one of several $10-ish OFs available, and I just happened to bid $9 to fill my DH slot. I had Byrd ranked 17th-best available OF. I had been targeting Lastings Milledge here, actually, but those two, along with Kyle Blanks (also $9, nominated immediately after this selection) and Conor Jackson ($12). Should be okay.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Cubs .284 67 14 71 7


Aroldis Chapman – Starting Pitcher
Tag: Aroldis Chapman
Round: 8th
Overall: 77th
Nominated by: Andrew Flynn – Atomic Roadrunners
Salary: $11
Notes: Tantalizing power lefty that hits 100mph, and still a possibility of being the Reds #5 starter. Wasn’t in the plans, but with the Reds offense (and defense) behind him, I like his prospects better than Strasburg to contribute in 2010. Available projections were quite sketchy.

Projection W ERA WHIP K S
Reds 3 4.83 1.56 46 0


Ian Kennedy – Starting Pitcher
Tag: Ian Kennedy
Round: 9th
Overall: 88th
Nominated by: Stan Sharik – Stanimals
Salary: $2
Notes: Was quite interested, had him ranked as the 29th-ranked starter available, but was convinced someone would say “$3”. Has always been solid in minors, though fluke injuries have bothered him the past two seasons. May not be a good fit in Arizona.

Projection W ERA WHIP K S
Diamondbacks 6 4.50 1.42 100 0


Drew Storen – Relief Pitcher
Tag: Drew Storen
Round: 10th
Overall: 92nd
Nominated by: Alex Tava – X-Men
Salary: $8
Notes: Was ranked as a must-get, after his performance in the Arizona Fall League. Was hoping to get him for a few dollars less, but banking on mid-season arrival and as a good protectable. Since I was shut out of current closers, went with this gambit, especially since I missed on Luke Gregerson six picks earlier.

Projection W ERA WHIP K S
Nationals 2 3.80 1.23 39 7


Omar Infante – Middle Infielder
Tag: Omar Infante
Round: 12th
Overall: 117th
Nominated by: Andrew Flynn – Atomic Roadrunners
Salary: $1
Notes: Was pretty much screwed out of every other available middle infielder, as we only had $3 remaining. Luis Castillo (56th, $3), Ian Desmond (57th, $7), Starlin Castro (97th, $3), Brendan Ryan (102nd, $3), Akinori Iwamura (105th, $5) and Felipe Lopez (107th, $2) were all taken ahead of this spot, and I nominated Desmond, Castro, and Lopez before I could actually get a middle-infielder. No offense to Infante, but perhaps I should have selected Juan Uribe (who will be starting most of April) instead.

Projection AVG R HR RBI SB
Braves .286 36 3 33 3


Edinson Volquez – Starting Pitcher
Tag: Edinson Volquez
Round: 13th
Overall: 127th
Nominated by: Andrew Flynn – Atomic Roadrunners
Salary: $2
Notes: Targeted an injured starter that will come back this season and be a good keeper. Primary was Volquez, but also looked at Jordan Zimmerman (further behind in rehab) or Chien-Ming Wang (not as much upside). Also part reclamation, as I traded for Volquez last season with Tom in a four-player deal (he received Jose Reyes, who also never came back in 2009. The principals were Tim Lincecum for Prince Fielder). Volquez is ahead of schedule and should be ready to return following the All-Star Break. Now if the Reds could only trade Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo . . .

Projection W ERA WHIP K S
Reds 5 4.01 1.42 74 0