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Welcome to Atomic, the home of Andrew Flynn’s Atomic Roadrunners Rotisserie League baseball squad. Founded in 1992 as a franchise in the Wesley Branch Rickey League, the AaRr squad has captured two championships, first in 2000, and again in 2008.

This site started just before the 2006 season, with not much activity in 2007.  I re-designed the site in 2008 and paid lavish attention to minute details, and in 2009, I find myself still back-filling information (such as archive info).

In theory, by paying excruciating attention to my team (by maintaining this site), I should have better finishes.  In practice, it kind of works – I focused on the site in 2006 (2nd place) and 2008 (1st place), and when my attention languished, such as in 2007 (5th place) or 2009 (7th place) I don’t do as well.  So mayber there’s something to this.

Below is my annual performance to date – ugh – it could be a lot better.


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Andrew Flynn, March 2006