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Chuck James – Starting Pitcher

2008 Season – Atlanta Braves

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Salary: $5
Contract: One Year Remaining
Acquired: Protected from 2007
Departed: Released May 20, 2008

Chuck James was protected from 2007, but it was an iffy proposition – in fact, he was labeled a “fringe” protection by your’s truly. He had a “dead arm” phase towards the end of 2007, but since the same thing happened in 2006, I figured it might work out again. James really regressed and was injured for much of 2008. He opened the year on the DL with a partial rotator cuff tear (which was announced after protected lists were submitted). Then James filled in for an injured (shocker) Mike Hampton, but then sent him back down to AAA to knock off the rust. Two more up-and-downs from AAA, and he wasn’t active again after May. Eventually he had surgery on the rotator cuff and torn labrum in September.

2008 Stats IP ERA WHIP W S K
AaRr Active 3 18.00 2.00 0 0 5
AaRr Reserve 20 6.75 1.75 2 0 12
Full Season 29.2 9.10 1.89 2 0 22


2007 Season – Atlanta Braves


Salary: $5
Contract: Two Years Remaining
Acquired: Protected from 2006
Departed: Protected for 2008

Chuck James had a rotation spot sewn up for 2007, but actually regressed a bit from his dynamite performance as a rookie in 2006. Towards the end of the season, he experienced another “dead arm” period, but this time he was placed on the DL for 15 days at the end of August. He gave up more homers than in 2006, and also was fatigued later into games, averaging just over 5 innings per outing.

2007 Stats IP ERA WHIP W S K
AaRr Active 149.1 3.86 1.43 10 0 109
AaRr Reserve 12 2.25 0.67 1 0 7
Full Season 161.1 4.24 1.38 11 0 116


2006 Season – Atlanta Braves


Salary: $5 (was a 9th-round minor league draft pick by X-Men, and was released May 9th, 2006)
Contract: One Year, Two Years Remaining
Acquired: FAAB Acquisition, June 13, 2006 ($3 bid, Reserve)
Departed: Protected for 2007

Both Alex Tava of X-Men and I had been watching Chuck James since mid-2005, when we both bid the same amount for him in FAAB. James was picked up and was pretty dominant in stretches, with high strikeout performances mixed with some gopher balls and some unfortunate walks. He was sent down to AAA in early 2006, but was called up to stay in June. He came on strong down the stretch, going nine starts in August and September without a loss, including 6 wins in seven starts and a one-hitter.

2006 Stats IP ERA WHIP W S K
AaRr Active 87.2 4.62 1.35 9 0 63
AaRr Reserve 21 0.86 0.81 2 0 22
Full Season 119 3.78 1.24 11 0 91