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Roster Moves – Week 15 – July 15th, 2010


  • 3B Casey Blake (to UT)
  • MI Omar Infante
  • SP Ian Kennedy
  • SP Madison Bumgarner
  • C Chris Iannetta


  • OF Roger Bernadina (from UT)
  • MI Cristian Guzman
  • SP Wade LeBlanc
  • RP Joel Hanrahan
  • C Ronny Paulino


  • Bid $8 on Reds SP Travis Wood, but was out-bid.  Bidding was $32 (Goodfellas), $11 (Get Off Kong), $8 (AaRr).
  • Bid $1 on Braves minor-league SP Mike Minor.  Was obtained by Get Off Kong for $1, due to tie-break rules.
  • Get Off Kong also acquired Roadrunners prospect Jordan Lyles, and had first-round draft pick Christian Friedrich as his contingency bid on Minor.  Looks like we’re reading the same sources. We’ve also both picked up Hong-Chih Kuo and Sean Marshall this season.
  • There were three trades in the WBRL last week:
    • Get Off Kong acquired 1B Adam Dunn, 1B Lance Berkman, and OF Xavier Nady from Cover Zero, for former 2010 Roadrunner RP Sean Marshall, OF Chris Coghlan, and SP Matt Cain.
    • Shoeless Jews acquired OF Chris Young from Misogynistic Padres, for SP Dan Haren and OF Cody Ross.
    • Goodfellas acquired RP Huston Street, RP Andrew Cashner, and 2B Martin Prado from Misogynistic Padres, for SP Jair Jurrgens, OF Jay Bruce, 1B James Loney, SP Ricky Nolasco, and SS Yunel Escobar (who happened to be traded from Atlanta to Toronto that day).
  • The original trade between Goodfellas and Misogynistic Padres was vetoed by the Commissioner (me) and four other owners also objected. That deal would have had every player list above, plus Misogynistic Padres also acquiring 2B Chase Utley and SP Hiroki Kuroda.  That’s imbalanced!
  • Some discussion comments:

Tom: “I totally agree with the AARR squad…7 for 3 seems lopsided enough, but I ran the numbers and projected value (for the rest of 2010) of the 7 guys that Tim is getting is $114- Drew’s 3 guys – $44!!  Come on man!!

I think the trade needs to be reworked with some guys coming out of Drew’s end (Loney would be logocal as a start) or more active/real guys from Tim’s side being added in…otherwise I say we vote and I vote veto.”

Steve: “way unbalanced, I vote for veto”

Steve (later): “On second look, it isn’t so bad.

Drew is cashing in for next year…Jurrjens, Bruce, and Nolasco are up, Utley is hurt and $36, and Kuroda just isn’t that good.
Street is a $10 closer, Cashner is a $5 keeper, and Prado is one of the best young players in baseball and $10.

On the other hand, Tim has protected guys a lot more expensive than Utley before, and Loney and Escobar are both protectable at not much more money.  Kuroda isn’t sexy, but he’s projecting to 14 wins and an ERA under 4 with over 150 Ks for only $14.

I still say veto.”

Me: “I believe the problem with the trade is that, with possible exception of Prado vs. Escobar, every player received by Tim is, and likely will always be, better than anyone received by Drew, regardless of the length of contract. And Drew received 4 fewer “less-notables”.

Tim received a #2 and two #3 starters, plus four starting position players for a lesser 2B, a recovering closer, and a young middle-reliever.

I’m not hung up on the 7-for-3, it’s just that the 3 should have been of the ilk of Lincecum, Pujols, and a top prospect.  Drew’s proposal or not, that sort of trade is very unbalanced and not good for our league, and it’s too bad that the rest of the league feels obligated to monitor the future of Drew’s squad.

And Utley is VERY protectable at $36.”

Stan: “Rework or veto. Unless you guys want me to trade half my roster to Barry for Strasburg. 😉 Seriously, rework or veto.”

Hersh: “I can’t offer a legal opinion on this trade, because sodomy is regulated on a state level. That said, I agree that it should not go through.  Drew acquires two guys with one year left, each of whom may charitably have ten dollars of equity.  He also gets a prospect with a $5 salary, whom I guess he will keep, but I’m not sure why, other than some inexplicable pro-Cubs bias that permeates the entire league.  In exchange he gives away three solid middle-of-the-order hitters and three #2 or #3 starters. This is completely disregarding Utley (which seems a reasonable thing to do, based on salary and injury).  That’s just too much.  Even if you accept that Drew’s goal is to dump and that his expiring contracts are comparatively worthless, he should only need to trade half of this group to acquire a package of that quality.  Throwing those other guys in is unfair to Andy, Mark, and Tom, each of whom would presumably give up some keepers to get the rest of those guys.”

Roster Moves – Week 13 – June 29th, 2010

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • RP Sam Demel, Diamondbacks ($2 bid), Add to actives
  • RP Hong-Chih Kuo, Dodgers ($1 bid), Add to actives


  • SS Jonathan Herrera
  • SP Chris Volstad
  • SP John Ely


  • SS Omar Infante
  • RP Drew Storen
  • RP Tyler Clippard
  • SP Randy Wells
  • SP Ian Kennedy


  • SP Christian Friedrich (AA – Minors)
  • SP Jordan Lyles (AA – Minors)


  • SP Madison Bumgarner was called up from AAA Fresno Saturday, June 26th, for his 2010 debut against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.
  • Hong-Chih Kuo rejoins the Roadrunners for the first time since 2007, when he helped the pitching staff as a starter in the second half.
  • Kuo was originally drafted this season by Get Off Kong! (11th Round, 2010 Minor League Draft), but he was released on May 4th.
  • Kuo was a second contingency FAAB selection by Cover Zero.
  • The Pi Train bid $1 on Sam Demel, but was outbid by yours truly.
  • Cover Zero selected former 2o1o Roadrunner Jose Contreras for $0 FAAB bid.
  • Demel’s contract is for 1 year, as he came over from the Oakland A’s AAA Sacramento affiliate to the Diamondbacks in the Conor Jackson trade two weeks ago.

Say Goodbye To: Christian Friedrich, Jordan Lyles

SP – Christian Friedrich
Acquired: First-Round Selection, 2010 Minor League Draft
Released: June 29th, 2010
Christian Friedrich is the Rockies’ No. 2 pitching prospect, but the one that had a chance for a September call-up in 2010. But the young left-hander has had a difficult season at Double-A, with an ERA over 5.00. As the RoadRunners are in the title hunt, we need reinforcements for this season, and Friedrich will be monitored for 2011.


SP – Jordan Lyles
Acquired: April 27th, 2010 ($0 FAAB)
Released: June 29th, 2010
Astros and prospects rarely belong in the same sentence, but Lyles is the Astros’ top pitching prospect, and he’s been mowing them down in Double-A. Promoted after a strong April out of Single-A, he stands a chance to make an impact in 2011. Alas, as mentioned above, the RoadRunners need players for 2010, as we only have a 4.5 point lead in the standings. We’ll re-visit Lyles next month, but with Tulowitzki on the DL, we need infielders.

Meet the New Guys: Wade LeBlanc, Jordan Lyles

One of the losers of the Padres’ 5th-starter battle, LeBlanc did well, but couldn’t supplant Mat Latos for the 5th spot. However, due to an injury to starter Chris Young, LeBlanc was called up from AAA Portland and has pitched well. LeBlanc pitched three-hit ball over six innings in Saturday’s win in Cincinnati. LeBlanc (1-0), making his second start since being recalled from Triple-A Portland on April 18, walked two and struck out three. “He mixed his pitches up,” said Reds 3B Scott Rolen, who went 0 for 3. “That’s what he set out to do and he accomplished it.” LeBlanc has now allowed just one earned run through 11 innings over his first two starts. He didn’t show quite the strikeout potential on Saturday as in his first start when he struck out seven batters, but he’s shown enough potential to be worth a pickup in all NL-only leagues and even in larger mixed formats. His next start is slated for April 29 against Milwaukee. (CBS Sports)

The Astros’ second-round pick from a South Carolina prep school, Jordan Lyles has rocketed up Houston’s meager prospect charts, and is currently doing well at AA-Corpus Christi. Rated by Baseball Prospectus as the Astros’ No. 3 prospect, behind SS Jio Mier and C Jason Castro, Lyles whiffed seven over five innings (four hits, one run) as a 19-year-old; 16/2 K/BB in 15.2 innings. From Baseball Prospectus:

Year in Review: A supplemental first-round pick, Lyles had an eye-popping full-season debut, finishing fourth in the minor leagues with 167 strikeouts, and sixth in strikeouts per nine innings with 10.4.
The Good: Lyles’ fastball has velocity that’s a tick above-average, sitting at 90-92 mph while touching 94, but it plays up significantly due to both the movement of the pitch and his outstanding ability to locate it effectively in all four quadrants of the zone. Lyles’ changeup is at least average now, so it’s advanced for his age, and his frame and mechanics are built to eat up plenty of innings.
The Bad: Decent velocity and outstanding command can lead to incredible results at Low-A, and scouts generally don’t think Lyles is as good as his numbers suggest. His curveball is below average, and it will need to improve for him to succeed at the upper levels.
Ephemera: The 38th overall pick has been especially brutal on pitchers, as no player drafted at that slot has won more than 12 big-league games, although Colby Lewis (1999) gets an opportunity to increase that number this year with the Rangers.
Perfect World Projection: Lyles projects as a solid third starter.
Path to the Big Leagues: After Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez, there are few roadblocks in the Houston rotation.
Timetable: Lyles will move up to Lancaster, not exactly the best place to put up good numbers as a pitcher, in 2010. [Later updated to AA Corpus Christi – still a challenge.]

Roster Moves – Week 4 – April 27th, 2010

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • SP Wade LeBlanc, Padres ($4 bid) – Add to Actives
  • SP Jordan Lyles, Astros (AA) – reserve


  • RP Takashi Saito


  • RP Sean Marshall
  • OF Willy Taveras


  • Contingency bids:
    • For acquisition of Wade LeBlanc, $0 bid on Cubs SP Carlos Silva.  Silva was acquired by Misogynistic Padres for $8 FAAB.
    • Last week’s contingency bid subject Brewers RP Carlos Villanueva, was acquired by Get Off Kong! for $1 FAAB.
  • It was announced after the Monday midnight FAAB run that Rockies C Chris Iannetta would be sent to AAA Colorado Springs.  Since the only other catcher on the roster is Buster Posey (at AAA Fresno), no action taken for this week.