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Protected List – The Fringe

Part IV of my tour through the Roadrunner roster in search of protectables for 2008 leads us to the fourth group – “The Fringe.”  This group includes players that require a certain leap of faith to include on a protected list.  When faced with the choice of questionable unknowns or questionable knowns, you opt for familiarity.  If the Maximum Number of Protections was set lower, there is no way these players would make the cut.  You’re not sure if you could get them again for the same price, but you wouldn’t be heart-broken if your rival secured the player (and the ulcer that goes with it).  These are the guys you expose for expansion draft purposes.  Their inclusion haunts your offseason, as your auction strategy is dependent on something resembling production from these guys.  Here they are, in their glory, The Fringe.

The Fringe (This could go either way)

  • Brandon Lyon
    • 2 Years – $5
    • 6 Wins, 2 Saves, 40 K’s, 2.68 ERA with a 1.24 WHIP
    • Why: With the uncertainty of the Diamondbacks’ closer role, Lyon could be in line for saves in 2008
    • Why Not: Not exactly durable, not exactly good, stuff isn’t exactly great
  • Chuck James
    • 1 Year – $5
    • 11 Wins, 116K’s, 4.24 ERA with a 1.38 WHIP
    • Why: #4 starter on a good team, probable run support, doesn’t really kill you
    • Why Not: Doesn’t really help you, soft-tosser, injury risk/dead-arm late in season
  • John Lannan
    • 2 Years – $5
    • 2 Wins, 10 K’s, 4.21 ERA with a 1.55 WHIP
    • Why: Well, he certainly seemed to be better than his numbers late in the season, mild prospect sheen
    • Why Not: Nationals, bad numbers, did you see the bad numbers above? And he could start in Single-A again
  • Sean Marshall
    • 2 Years – $6
    • 7 Wins, 67 K’s, 3.93 ERA with a 1.38 WHIP
    • Why: Decent numbers, a chance to be #5 starter on a playoff team
    • Why Not: Signing of Jon Lieber, Moving Ryan Dempster to rotation, Jason Marquis’ contract
  • Moises Alou
    • 2 Years – $12
    • .341, 13 HR, 49 RBI, 51 Runs and 3 Steals – in only 320 AB’s
    • Why: Obviously he can hit, imagine the numbers over the course of a season, great lineup
    • Why Not: He’s 42, he’ll never NOT be injured, a little pricey
  • Ronny Paulino
    • 1 Year – $5
    • .263, 11 HR, 55 RBI, 56 Runs and 2 steals
    • Why:  Good numbers for catcher, seemingly guaranteed starter
    • Why Not: While HR went up, average dropped 50 points from 2006, questions about attitude, $5 may be pricey