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Sneaky Good in the Senior Circuit – from BP

Baseball Prospectus’ Eric Seidman listed several Roadrunners in this feature, that takes a look back at some players who will not be regaled with hardware but who performed admirably under the radar in 2010.

Starting Pitcher

Ian Kennedy (4.2 WARP): The Diamondbacks turned Max Scherzer into Edwin Jackson and Kennedy and flipped Jackson to the White Sox for Dan Hudson and prospects. All told, they ended up with two very solid starters under team control for six years apiece. Kennedy relies on command and control, and unlike in his brief tenure with the Yankees, both of those attributes were on display last season. In addition to keeping the ball on the ground, he even began striking hitters out at a rate far exceeding expectations.

Relief Pitcher

John Axford: Axford stepped into the closer position when it became evident that Trevor Hoffman had virtually nothing left in the tank. In 50 games, the mustachioed man produced an impressive 3.85 WXRL that ranked eighth in the league. He allowed just one home run, which certainly helped given he was no stranger to the free pass.

Sean Marshall: Carlos Marmol hogged most of the headlines in Chicago last year as far as relievers went, but Marshall, a failed southpaw starter, held the opposition in check and fell just behind Lidge with a 2.78 WXRL. His strikeout rate soared to 29.3 percent and he kept the ball in the yard as well. Still under team control and only 28 years old, he could help stabilize an up-and-down bullpen.

First Base

Prince Fielder (5.0 WARP): This was probably the toughest position to find a sneaky-good player given that it broke down into two distinct groups—the Albert Pujolses and the Adam LaRoche Clones. In one corner we had the stat demons who were publicized all season. In the other corner stood the first basemen whose numbers were not as solid given the context of the position. Fielder sort of fell in between both groups as he topped a .400 OBP for the second straight year, and despite dropping off by .131 with his slugging percentage, he put up a .316 TAv.

Third Base

Chase Headley (4.0 WARP): Headley didn’t get much notoriety last season, in large part because his unadjusted numbers were not terribly impressive, but they translated well given the league average and his park. He also added solid defense. He isn’t going to blossom into the next David Wright or Ryan Zimmerman, but he provides a very cost-effective option for a team hoping to remain a playoff contender on a shoestring budget.


Drew Stubbs (5.3 WARP): Jay Bruce gets most of the attention in the Reds outfield, but Stubbs really put together a solid season in his own right. He launched 22 home runs and stole 30 bases en route to a .284 TAv, adding decent defense in center field. His OBP last season does not belie his ability to take a walk, primarily due to the fact that he strikes out so frequently. Figuring out a way to reduce those empty swinging ABs will catapult him from a solid player to a great player. However, as we have seen time and time again, this is not as easy as turning a switch on or off.

Roster Moves – Week 15 – July 15th, 2010


  • 3B Casey Blake (to UT)
  • MI Omar Infante
  • SP Ian Kennedy
  • SP Madison Bumgarner
  • C Chris Iannetta


  • OF Roger Bernadina (from UT)
  • MI Cristian Guzman
  • SP Wade LeBlanc
  • RP Joel Hanrahan
  • C Ronny Paulino


  • Bid $8 on Reds SP Travis Wood, but was out-bid.  Bidding was $32 (Goodfellas), $11 (Get Off Kong), $8 (AaRr).
  • Bid $1 on Braves minor-league SP Mike Minor.  Was obtained by Get Off Kong for $1, due to tie-break rules.
  • Get Off Kong also acquired Roadrunners prospect Jordan Lyles, and had first-round draft pick Christian Friedrich as his contingency bid on Minor.  Looks like we’re reading the same sources. We’ve also both picked up Hong-Chih Kuo and Sean Marshall this season.
  • There were three trades in the WBRL last week:
    • Get Off Kong acquired 1B Adam Dunn, 1B Lance Berkman, and OF Xavier Nady from Cover Zero, for former 2010 Roadrunner RP Sean Marshall, OF Chris Coghlan, and SP Matt Cain.
    • Shoeless Jews acquired OF Chris Young from Misogynistic Padres, for SP Dan Haren and OF Cody Ross.
    • Goodfellas acquired RP Huston Street, RP Andrew Cashner, and 2B Martin Prado from Misogynistic Padres, for SP Jair Jurrgens, OF Jay Bruce, 1B James Loney, SP Ricky Nolasco, and SS Yunel Escobar (who happened to be traded from Atlanta to Toronto that day).
  • The original trade between Goodfellas and Misogynistic Padres was vetoed by the Commissioner (me) and four other owners also objected. That deal would have had every player list above, plus Misogynistic Padres also acquiring 2B Chase Utley and SP Hiroki Kuroda.  That’s imbalanced!
  • Some discussion comments:

Tom: “I totally agree with the AARR squad…7 for 3 seems lopsided enough, but I ran the numbers and projected value (for the rest of 2010) of the 7 guys that Tim is getting is $114- Drew’s 3 guys – $44!!  Come on man!!

I think the trade needs to be reworked with some guys coming out of Drew’s end (Loney would be logocal as a start) or more active/real guys from Tim’s side being added in…otherwise I say we vote and I vote veto.”

Steve: “way unbalanced, I vote for veto”

Steve (later): “On second look, it isn’t so bad.

Drew is cashing in for next year…Jurrjens, Bruce, and Nolasco are up, Utley is hurt and $36, and Kuroda just isn’t that good.
Street is a $10 closer, Cashner is a $5 keeper, and Prado is one of the best young players in baseball and $10.

On the other hand, Tim has protected guys a lot more expensive than Utley before, and Loney and Escobar are both protectable at not much more money.  Kuroda isn’t sexy, but he’s projecting to 14 wins and an ERA under 4 with over 150 Ks for only $14.

I still say veto.”

Me: “I believe the problem with the trade is that, with possible exception of Prado vs. Escobar, every player received by Tim is, and likely will always be, better than anyone received by Drew, regardless of the length of contract. And Drew received 4 fewer “less-notables”.

Tim received a #2 and two #3 starters, plus four starting position players for a lesser 2B, a recovering closer, and a young middle-reliever.

I’m not hung up on the 7-for-3, it’s just that the 3 should have been of the ilk of Lincecum, Pujols, and a top prospect.  Drew’s proposal or not, that sort of trade is very unbalanced and not good for our league, and it’s too bad that the rest of the league feels obligated to monitor the future of Drew’s squad.

And Utley is VERY protectable at $36.”

Stan: “Rework or veto. Unless you guys want me to trade half my roster to Barry for Strasburg. 😉 Seriously, rework or veto.”

Hersh: “I can’t offer a legal opinion on this trade, because sodomy is regulated on a state level. That said, I agree that it should not go through.  Drew acquires two guys with one year left, each of whom may charitably have ten dollars of equity.  He also gets a prospect with a $5 salary, whom I guess he will keep, but I’m not sure why, other than some inexplicable pro-Cubs bias that permeates the entire league.  In exchange he gives away three solid middle-of-the-order hitters and three #2 or #3 starters. This is completely disregarding Utley (which seems a reasonable thing to do, based on salary and injury).  That’s just too much.  Even if you accept that Drew’s goal is to dump and that his expiring contracts are comparatively worthless, he should only need to trade half of this group to acquire a package of that quality.  Throwing those other guys in is unfair to Andy, Mark, and Tom, each of whom would presumably give up some keepers to get the rest of those guys.”

Roster Moves – Week 5 – May 4th, 2010

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • C Jason Jaramillo, Pirates ($0 bid) – Add to Actives
  • OF Jose Tabata, Pirates ($0 bid) – AAA Reserve


  • MI Omar Infante
  • RP LaTroy Hawkins


  • C Chris Iannetta
  • MI Cristian Guzman


  • RP Nick Masset
  • RP Burke Badenhop


  • Contingency Bids at catcher: George Kottaras (Brewers), Yorvit Torrealba (Padres).
  • Sean Marshall, acquired by the Atomic Roadrunners on April 20th, and released last week, was a FAAB selection by Get Off Kong! for $5.
  • Jose Tabata rejoins the Roadrunners.  He was a 6th round minor league selection last season (2009), but was released May 5th, 2009.
  • Tabata was originally drafted in 2010 by The Pi Train, as an 8th Round minor league pick.  He was subsequently released for Week 1 (April 6th).

Say Goodbye To: Sean Marshall, Willy Taveras

After appearing as the possible go-to-guy for the eighth inning, and possible backup to closer Carlos Marmol, Sean Marshall has been ineffective and has been bumped back in the depth chart. Now behind fellow-lefty John Grabow, and the surprising move of Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen, Marshall is now an afterthought.

AaRr Stats – 2010 W ERA WHIP K S
Reserved 0 10.80 3.60 2 0


Nationals OF Willy Taveras was drafted when the OF situation was less well-defined. At the time, Taveras and Willie Harris were to platoon, but utility guy Mike Morse saw some action, and then AAA’s Justin Maxwell was called up, and there are still talks with free-agent Jermaine Dye. Subsequently, Taveras hasn’t gotten many games, and the few steals he gets would be offset by destroying my batting average. Taveras got one of his rare starts Monday against the Cubs. Taveras and his quick legs play only sparingly for the Nationals, so continue to ignore him in all but the deepest of NL-only formats for the time being. (CBS Sports)

AaRr Stats – 2010 AVG R HR RBI SB
Reserved .154 4 0 4 1

Roster Moves – Week 4 – April 27th, 2010

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • SP Wade LeBlanc, Padres ($4 bid) – Add to Actives
  • SP Jordan Lyles, Astros (AA) – reserve


  • RP Takashi Saito


  • RP Sean Marshall
  • OF Willy Taveras


  • Contingency bids:
    • For acquisition of Wade LeBlanc, $0 bid on Cubs SP Carlos Silva.  Silva was acquired by Misogynistic Padres for $8 FAAB.
    • Last week’s contingency bid subject Brewers RP Carlos Villanueva, was acquired by Get Off Kong! for $1 FAAB.
  • It was announced after the Monday midnight FAAB run that Rockies C Chris Iannetta would be sent to AAA Colorado Springs.  Since the only other catcher on the roster is Buster Posey (at AAA Fresno), no action taken for this week.

Meet the New Guys: Burke Badenhop, Sean Marshall

RHP Burke Badenhop was acquired as a hedge against closer Leo Nunez. Badenhop already has one save this season, and may get more if Nunez is tired or becomes ineffective. Badenhop said he was pleasantly surprised manager Fredi Gonzalez kept him in Sunday’s game after he entered in the seventh inning and retired Philadelphia 3B Placido Polanco, a right-handed hitter. Instead of going with LHP Renyel Pinto or LHP Dan L. Meyer — both of whom have struggled this year — Gonzalez stuck with Badenhop, who retired two tough lefty hitters, 2B Chase Utley and 1B Ryan Howard, to end the seventh and open the eighth, respectively. “I thought maybe they’d bring Pinto in,” said Badenhop, who has an 0.91 ERA in nine innings over five appearances. “It was nice of him to leave me in there. I kept the ball down and got some outs.” Badenhop is a viable middle reliever for the deepest of leagues that use true middle men at this point. He isn’t a candidate for saves yet, though. (CBS Sports)

Formerly a starting prospect, Sean Marshall has been getting key late-inning assignments for the Cubs, and may potentially become a candidate for saves if closer Carlos Marmol doesn’t improve his control. Marshall was called upon to get the final out in an ugly seventh inning in a loss to the Mets on Monday. Marshall allowed a hit before getting the out and threw nine pitches. His ERA is 2.16 on the year. Marshall has a blown save and a loss already this season and isn’t likely to join the starting rotation anytime soon. He has the stuff to succeed in such a role, but in his current role, he’s just a low-end NL-only option. (CBS Sports)

Roster Moves – Week 3 – April 20th, 2010

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • RP Sean Marshall, Cubs ($0 bid)
  • RP Burke Badenhop, Marlins ($0 bid) – Add to Actives


  • RP Takashi Saito


  • RP  Nick Masset
  • RP LaTroy Hawkins


  • RP Brian Bruney
  • 1B Mike Jacobs


  • On April 18th, the Mets designated 1B Mike Jacobs for assignment, and called up 1B prospect Ike Davis.  Jacobs would later accept the assignment to become 1B at AAA Buffalo.
  • On April 20th, Major League Baseball announced that Reds SP Edinson Volquez was suspended 50 games for testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug (PED).  Volquez’s suspension starts tomorrow (April 21) and will be served concurrently with his rehabilitation from Tommy John surgery while he’s on the 60-Day Disabled List.
  • Contingent Bids:
    • The contingent bid for the Sean Marshall acquisition was a $0 bid on Pirates reliever Joel Hanrahan.
    • The contingent bid for the Burke Badenhop acquisition was a $0 bid on Brewers reliever Carlos Villanueva, followed by a $0 bid on Cubs starter Carlos Silva
  • Sean Marshall re-joins the Atomic Roadrunners for his third season.  Marshall was also on the 2007  and 2008 squads.
    • 2007 – FAAB selection for $6 on May 29th, stayed on the roster all season, not protected.
    • 2008 – FAAB selection for $2 on June 24th, stayed on the roster one week, released July 1st.

Say Goodbye To: Sean Marshall, Carlos Ruiz

Sean Marshall has lost both of his starts since joining the Cubs rotation, but has 13 strikeouts in 11 2/3 innings. Marshall’s time in the Cubs rotation is about to end as Carlos Zambrano (shoulder) is ready to come off the DL as early as Friday. When active, Marshall is primarily a NL-only Fantasy SP. (CBS Sports)

Carlos Ruiz has struggled to hit left-handed pitching throughout his career. Last season, Ruiz batted .189 against left-handers, and after going 0-for-3 Tuesday night against Red Sox LHP Jon Lester, he is batting only .194 against lefties this season. “Chooch has to get better on lefties,” said manager Charlie Manuel, who could start to use backup C Chris Coste more often against left-handers. Ruiz has been a bust for Fantasy owners and nothing more than an NL-only option at this point. Coste can mash when he plays, so consider him the better option between the two in deeper Rotisserie formats. (CBS Sports)

Roster Moves – July 1st

FAAB Acquisitions:

  • P Tommy Hanson, Braves [$3 bid, reserve]
  • P Jared Burton, Reds [$2 bid, reserve]


  • P Todd Wellemeyer, Cardinals
  • P Charlie Morton, Braves


  • P Brett Myers, Phillies


  • P Sean Marshall, Cubs
  • C Carlos Ruiz, Phillies

Marshall Solid, but Not Enough to Thwart “Big Z”

Sean Marshall was solid in a loss to the White Sox on Sunday, allowing three runs in seven innings. The runs came on homers from Carlos Quentin and Brian Anderson. Marshall has lost both of his starts since joining the Cubs rotation, but has 13 strikeouts in 11 2/3 innings. Marshall was likely making his last start for a while. Carlos Zambrano is set to return Friday, so Marshall should return to Triple-A or possibly the bullpen. Either way, Marshall would remain next in line for a rotation slot should Sean Gallagher or Jason Marquis need to be replaced. (Rotoworld, Rotowire, CBS Sports)